Great Ways to Better Express Your Faith

Great Ways to Better Express Your Faith

Over 73 percent of Americans identify as Christians. For most people, their faith is something they want to share with others. Your Christian faith should be a large part of who you are and should also influence the way you interact with others.

Finding new and unique ways to better express your faith is crucial. Ideally, you want your faith to serve as an inspiration to those around you. Being compassionate and genuine are two of the most important things you need to focus on when trying to better express your faith. If a non-believer feels like you are not being real with them regarding your beliefs, they may ignore your attempts to witness to them.

Here are some of the things you can do to better express your faith to the world.

Let Your Outward Appearance Be Representative Of Your Faith

Telling people more about who you are can be difficult without an in-depth conversation. The people who pass you on the street or see you out in a public place will not have a chance to speak with you about your faith and devotion to Christianity. This is why you need to let your outward appearance represent the light you feel inside.

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by investing in custom t-shirts and accessories made for Christians. Luckily, there are a variety of clothing options on the market specifically designed for Christians. With a bit of research, you should have no problem finding the faith-based gear you desire.

Learn How to Listen With an Open Mind

There are many passages in the Bible, specifically in Proverbs, that speak about how a Christian should always be willing to learn. When a friend or family member comes to you for comfort or advice, you need to spend most of this conversation listening. No one wants to feel like they are being lectured when going through a trying experience.

Being a great listener can help you make an impression on your loved ones who need your help. Not only will listening to others help them, it can also help you learn more about how to use your faith to solve common problems. As any Christian knows, becoming a better servant of God is an ongoing journey with many twists and turns. Embracing these hardships and learning from them will only make you a better person.

Always Keep Your Promises

Humans living in the modern world lead extremely busy lives. In some cases, people make promises they simply can’t keep in order to avoid confrontation. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, it can lead to lots of problems in the future.

If you are looking for a great way to express your faith, keeping your promises is a great start. A passage in the Book of Ephesians advises Christians to not lie to their neighbors for we are all parts of the same body. Taking this passage to heart can help you realize the importance of keeping your promises.

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Why Custom Printed Items Make Excellent Gifts

Why Custom Printed Items Make Excellent Gifts

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or workplace event, many people struggle to think of good gift ideas for friends and family members. This problem is understandable when you think about all the different things that people may like. Ideally, you want to buy a gift that the person likes, something they will use, and something they don’t already have. Finding a gift that satisfies all three criteria is easier than you may think. You can buy custom-printed items from A God Given Talent that make excellent gifts for any occasion.

Custom-printed items make great gifts because the base item is something that people already like that you’ve customized to make it perfect for the gift recipient. For example, having a photo of your family printed on a coffee mug takes something that people already like and makes it personal.

We have a large selection of customizable items at A God Given Talent, so you more choices than just coffee mugs and t-shirts. Besides mugs, you can also get custom drinkware items such as a set of coasters with your picture printed on them, or a can cozy with your design printed on it.  For people that love to cook, consider getting them custom-printed kitchenware like an apron or table cloth.

These customized items may seem mundane, but that's what makes them excellent gifts. You want to give people things they can use. Items like a mug, apron, or t-shirt have a practical value for the recipient. They will actually use the item, which will make them think of you. A mundane gift that's been personalized with custom printing will get more use than mass-produced items like a book they'll never read or a DVD they won't watch.

Another benefit that custom-printed items have or mass-produced gifts is the uniqueness. We've all been in a situation where someone spent a lot of time to think of the perfect gift for you, only to discover that it's an item you've already bought for yourself. This scenario can happen when you buy someone a movie, game, or article of clothing that can be easily be purchased at a retail store. When you give a custom-printed gift, you know it's highly unlikely that someone has the exact same custom-printed item.

Custom-printed gifts also feel more special because it's something you designed yourself. One of the benefits of letting A God Given Talent handle the custom-printing is that you get give a gift you made yourself without sacrificing the quality of the item. Whether it's a shirt, hoodie, hat, apron, or anything else we custom print, you can feel assured that it's a high-quality product that the person will be able to enjoy for a long time.

If you’re thinking about giving custom-printed items as gifts this year, A God Given Talen can help. Visit our online craft shop to see the various items that we can custom print for your friends and loved ones. If you’re not in the mood to create something new, you can look at some of our Christian-themed shirts, which make great gifts for family members who are moved by faith.

Send us a message online if you have any questions about the products you buy and create at A God Given Talent.

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10 Fun Facts About T-Shirts

10 Fun Facts About T-Shirts


10 Fun Facts About T-Shirts

 T-Shirts were a male article of clothing, with a tight fit and wide neck designed to show off the male figure.

  1. The first company to use T-shirts to promote pop culture was Tropix Togs. Rock and Roll bands helped popularize t-shirts after that.
  2. T-Shirts are the primary product sold by websites!
  3. The world’s most expensive T-Shirt design costs $400,000. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton and has a set of 16 diamonds sewn into the the fabric. The 16 diamonds amount to 9 carats!
  4. It is said that in order to make a full circle around the Earth you would need approximately 56 million medium sized T-shirts.
  5. 91% of Americans have a favorite T-Shirt in their wardrobe.
  6. Coca-Cola was the first brand to ever promote themselves using T-Shirts.
  7. There are many processes for custom designed T-shirts:
  • Screen Printing which involves the creation of a mesh screen which has ink pressed into a blank shirt.
  • Digital printing which uses a giant version os an inkjet printer to dye the fabric of the t-shirt directly.
  • Heat Transfer irons a design for a special type of paper onto a shirt.
  • And Airbrushing which using a small spray gun.
  1. Over 2 billion shirts are sold each year!
  2. The T-shirt was first marketed and produced as “underwear” in 1904 by Cooper Underwear. It was first referred to as long underwear, the t-shirt emerged by separating the top and bottom half.
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May Courageous Faith Winner - Jamiyla Meade

May Courageous Faith Winner - Jamiyla Meade

Jamiyla Meade is our Courageous Faith Award recipient for the month of May 2019.  Jamiyla currently lives in Raleigh, NC but is originally from Brooklyn, NY.  Those dear to her heart are her five siblings, her niece Saniyah, her nephew Ryan and her Godson Jadeyn.  One of the hardest things that Jamiyla has overcame was giving up smoking.  Although the journey was tough, she overcame it with prayer and obedience. She encourages anyone else who may be dealing with the same thing to keep the faith because she is a witness of how God can heal.  Every day she looks forward to growing and learning something new.  During difficult times faith, hope and love are the things that keep her going.  Jamiyla’s word of encouragement to everyone is “Little by Little becomes a lot.  Stick to it”

  • Darrin Bates